I'm from a small town in Kansas, so the phrase "it's a twister auntie em" is not so much a nostalgic movie quote for me 
, but more of a cause for panic.  Jokes aside, being from a small town didn't stop me from getting into theatre at a young age. Whether I was working at a haunted house, making a parade float, designing and performing in my highschools plays, or doing special fx makeup on myself, the drive to create has always been a part of me. I was fortunate enough to have an amazing high school theatre program, lead by my always supportive mentor Heather Wilson. It was there that I realized theatre wasn't just a way to let out my creativity, but a life long passion that I needed to pursue. With several high school designs under my belt I set my sights on Webster university in St. Louis, where I chose to further my knowledge and love of theatre. Webster brought me countless opportunities such as: assisting Kelly Kruetsberg in the Repertory Theatre of St. Louis's prop shop, designing sets and props for the Conservatory's productions, and even lead me to a summer internship my junior year with Hudson scenic. In May of 2017 I  fulfilled a dream of mine and made my move to New York City (Hitting a black bear on the highway in Pennsylvania) I guess you could say that this Dorothy is definitely not in Kansas anymore!